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Single Cable Chain Dual Triple Cable Chain

Cable Chain Fitment Chart

Note: Due to light weight, these chains can be shipped via UPS

Tire Sizes (always trial fit prior to use) Single # Dual Triple#
800x16.5 225/75x15 235/75x15 & others 2016  
875x16.5 P245/75x16 215/85x16 & others 2019  
950x16.5 LT245/75x16 LT235/85x16 & others 2021  
225/70x19.5 245/70x19.5 & others 2028  
235/80x22.5 225/70x22.5 & others 2037 4037
255/70x22.5 255/80x22.5 245/75x22.5
9-22.5 & others
2039 4039
10-22.5 265/75x22.5 275/80x22.5
295/75x22.5 & others
2041 4041
11-22.5 275/70x22.5 275/80x24.5
285/75x24.5 & others
2045 4045
11-24.5 12-22.5 2049 4049

Tips for Tire Chain Use:

  • Tire chains are an " emergency traction device" and must be uses with caution. Only use chains as a last resort, take another route or wait if possible.
  • Always trial fit chains prior to traveling. Pay particular attention to wheel well clearance and how the chain fits the tire.
  • Drive slowly (max speed of 30mph). Start stop and turn as gently as possible, avoid making sudden moves.
  • Read chain and vehicle manufacturers instructions.
  • Do not operate tire chain on bare pavement or hard ice.
  • In most cases it is sufficient to chain 1 outside tire of each rear drive dual but in some cases you may want or need to chain both with a "dual triple set"


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